Frequently asked questions


How to order your custom mini books

There are two ways of ordering.

Order one at a time
Add each book individually to your basket. Choose 1 and enter the name and writer of the book in the textfield. After that, click on add to cart and repeat the cycle.

Order multiple at the same time
Add all books at the same time to your basket. Choose the number of books you’d like e.d. amount 5 and enter all 5 names of the books and their writers in the textfield. After that, click on add to cart to order all 5 books at the same time.

Will you always print the whole cover (front, back & spine)?

I can not guarantee that I will be able to print the whole cover, because there are so many books and I wish I could own them all ❤️  But I can guarantee that I will do my absolute best to find this whole cover. When this is not possible, I will email you with a solution. Depending on the book this solution can be a whole scenario of things. 

But my goal is and always will be to make the mini book as accurate as possible!

I'd like to cancel my order

I’m sad to hear this, but that’s no problem. If the order hasn’t been sent out, you can cancel your order through your account or by sending an email to You will receive the refund through the payment method of the order within 5 working days.

If your orders been handed to the delivery service you can either refuse the package at the door and let it be shipped back, or accept the package and ship it back on your own costs. Either way we will refund the order when we’ve received the items back. See the items under returns for more information.


Can I return my order?

I don’t know why you would want to, because they are awesome! But if you really are unhappy with your items you can inform us that you would like to return them to us within 14 days of receiving the package. After informing us, you have another 14 days to return the items to us, as stated by the law.

Can I return the order for free?

No, we do not supply a free return policy. You need to return the package on your own costs. When the book(s) and/or bookcase returns to us in perfect/new condition you will receive a refund for the items and initial shipping costs. There will be no refund for the costs of returning the items to us.

Where can I return my order?

Please sent an email to so we know we can expect your return.

Returns can be sent to:

Mini BookCraft
ovv returns
Meerberg 11
6718 DC Ede
The Netherlands

When will I receive my money back?

As soon as we receive the package, we will inspect the items for any damages. When the items are accepted, we will transfer the money back through the payment method of the order. This will be done within 14 days of receiving the package.

What if my items are not accepted?

We can only accept items that are returned in their original condition. In case of damages, we will evaluate the item’s worth and deduct any depreciation when we refund the items. You will always be informed of this before we start the refund process.

What if I want the items back after returning them?

If you’d like the items back because they are not accepted and cannot be fully refunded, or because you decided you wanted them after all, you will have to pay for the new shipping. In case the refund process already has started, you will need to place a whole new order.

My return package is lost

You are responsible for getting the return to us. In case the package is lost, you need to use your track & trace and/or order confirmation from the delivery service to locate the package yourself. Please keep your delivery service confirmation safe until we’ve sent you a confirmation that we’ve received your return.


How will you ship my order?

All books and bookcases will be shipped with enough packaging to make sure they arrive in one piece. This will be done with a padded envelope, big enough to contain your own mini library. This will also makes sure that the package can be delivered to your mailbox, so you do not have to stay home for the delivery.

When will you ship my order?

Seeing I hand make each order when they arrive, it will take 5 – 7 workdays to ship your order out. Sometimes it will be faster, depending on the book cover you requested.

Where do you ship from?

I’m based in the Netherlands, so all shipping will be done from here.

Where do you ship too?

Because I’m based in the Netherlands, my primary shipping will be done to EU lands. If you live outside of the EU please contact me. I’ll get in touch with you to figure out how much it will cost (shipping) to get the books and/or bookcase to you.

How much are the shipping costs?

Depending on where you live, and which postal service can deliver in your region, the shipping costs will be:

Land PostNL DHL
The Netherlands € 5,14 / €7,74 € 6,67
Belgium € 12,10 € 10,47
Austria € 17,29 € 18,40
Bulgaria € 28,59 € 27,01
Cyprus € 36,24
Croatia € 33,54 € 22,82
Denmark € 18,68
Estonia € 30,06 € 33,24
Finland € 24,85 € 34,76
France € 18,74
Germany € 12,16 € 12,26
Greece € 30,65 € 29,08
Hungary € 19,86 € 21,71
Ireland € 24,20 € 24,74
Italy € 19,07 € 25,70
Latvia € 30,06 € 33,24
Lithuania € 30,06 € 33,24
Luxembourg € 15,85 € 20,69
Malta € 32,22
Poland € 19,86 € 18,65
Portugal € 21,25 € 25,56
Romania € 32,22 € 22,11
Slovakia € 19,47 € 21,71
Slovenia € 26,17 € 21,71
Spain € 20,39 € 23,85
Sweden € 24,85